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                2019 Beijing Autumn International Property & Investment Expo

                2019 Beijing Autumn International Property & Investment Expo



                Date: Nov 7th-10th ,2019(Autumn)

                Venue: National Agricultural Exhibition Center


                Expected overseas exhibitors:150

                Expected visitors: 25000-28000

                High net worth visitors: 6000 (Invitation only)



                2019 Beijing Autumn International Property & Investment Expo Will be held during Nov 7th-10th,2019 at National Agricultural Exhibition Center. It will be the biggest exhibiting and trade fair for International Property and Investment in China,including 350 projects from 30countries and areas such as America, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus,Greece, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Latvia, Dubai, Malta, Slovakia, Hungary, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. Beijing SpringAutumnInternational Property & Investment Expo is also the biggest and most professional expo about overseas property& investment & immigration services in Asia.  it can makes you fairly accessible to enter the broad Chinese market.


                Exhibiting Countries in 2019 Spring Expo:

                2019 Beijing Spring International Property & Investment Expo had been held during May 16th-19that Beijing Exhibition CenterIncluding 300 projects from 20 countries and areas such as America, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Finland, Netherlands,Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Latvia, Dubai, Malta, Slovakia, Hungary,Saint Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.


                Why Participate:

                According to the Credit Suisses latest report on global wealth on October 15, 2015, the US ($85.9 trillion),China ($22.8 trillion) and Japan ($19.8 trillion) are three countries with the largest wealth holdings globally.Chinas middle class has become the worlds largest, the Swiss bank said: In 2015, with 109 million, the Chinese middle class for the first time outnumbered that in the US at 92 million.These high-net worth individuals are increasingly looking for overseas far places to settle their assets. There are three key reasons for burgeoning outbound investment in real estate:


                First, cooling domestic property markets. Chinese government has taken actions to cool the overheated house market. The policies from tightened bank lending to home purchase restrictions have succeeded in reigning in soaring house prices.


                Second, demand for emigration. At present, the large-scale air pollution, water and food safety issues have become increasingly prominent in China mainland, almost half of the high-net worth Chinese mainlanders were considering relocating to a more developed country in the next five years.


                At last, the appreciation of the Chinese currency. The RMB has gained roughly 25% in value against the US dollar since May 2005 and exchange rates of RMB against JPY and Euro has gone in the same way. This long-term appreciation of the currency makes overseas properties cheaper and more attractive.


                Participation Fee:

                A class booth (Size: 3Mx3M) / USD5200 Orange color

                B class booth (size: 3Mx3M) / USD4800 White color


                Standard Booth Includes: 1 info desk with 2 folding chairs, 1set of glass round table with 3 chairs, 2 lights, carpet, power supply; fascia board of booth,1 page of advertisement on show guides;(size of advert: 221mm *281 mm, 300dpi, jpeg or pdf format);Lunch & Water for 3 staff during four days show time for each booth


                Exhibitor Profile:

                >> International Real Estate Developers, Agents and Brokers

                >> Land, Farm, Chateau Investments

                >> International Immigration (agents and law firms)

                >> International Investment Consulting Firms

                >> America EB-5 Projects and Regional Center

                >> Personal Financ ial Planning Consultants

                >> State & Loc al Government / Associations / Chambers

                >> MedicalTourismAgencies/High-endMedicalTreatment

                >>Health Management and Health Examination Center

                >>Overseas study / Education / Employment Agencies


                Visitors Attractions:

                The show dedicated to helping individuals and companies:

                * Looking for property investment opportunities abroad and getting reliable information about real estate market prospects in different countries.

                * Getting to know more about the overseas immigration policy and new immigration investing projects.



                Marketing Campaign:

                The marketing campaign will concentrate on Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Shanxi provinces with additional national exposure and will start two months before the show opens. With our26yearshistory sponsoring the Real Estate Expo in Beijing there have been many powerful media partner alliances formed.


                ·Newspapers & Magazines: Established print media alliances which consist of more than 35 nationwide and 12 international publications.

                · TV&Radio: To include 8 TV channels nationwide and 4 radio stations, with CCTV and BTV as the most influential.

                · Internet/Website: Established partnerships with leading relative sites domestically and around the world, suc h as Sina, SouFun, Tencent, Sohu, NetEase,IF ENG ,etc.

                · Direct Mail: Direct mail campaigns through ours and partnerstargeted data base.




                2019 Beijing Autumn International Property & Investment Expo








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                E-mail: Ericlix@126.com



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